Sunday, March 21, 2010

Summary of Work to Date

'Deeper into Nothing' is a project I launched with a website on the 9th of the 9th 2009. What I mean by nothing is the seeming nothing or the limitless potential of the present moment. What I have done is create a technique or process as well as a conventonal body of work. Although the true final work I see being created by the viewer themselves if they choose to embrace this concept into their lives.
I began this project by consciously using the most unpromising and uncreative materials I could think of like stencils and rubber stamps. At first I used these to simply stencil out the title ‘Deeper into Nothing' on various everyday objects, like the log you can see here. Then I moved on to various paper mediums but I started getting more repetitive about it, challenging myself to go beyond my point of resistance where I would become lost in the action itself and the moment of doing it. There was a touch of madness in some of this but I got it to the point where I could stomach planning and making out whole series of these things which would have been frustrating in the extreme to do before but now, when done with right intent I could find pleasant and even meditative to carry out. I also at this time decided I needed to introduce another word, I felt that Trust was something you had to have for going deeper into nothing. At this point I was using things like letters and baggage tags because these are things which go on a journey which is what we are all ultimately on. But the question is do we choose to live moment by moment while on this journey or spend it living in our past or imagined futures. I also progressed to setting myself a goal of completing a conceptual piece in a very unpromising location within a very limited timeframe. This I also completed with relative ease and it can now be viewed on the below post. This process I feel forces an artist to make work they would never normally have made if they took their more familiar and usual routes. I have learned that working with a truly blank or unpromising canvas can only but bring up something deeper from inside but it does take that extra effort to make it happen. That same push that we need to give ourselves if we are ever to achieve anything of true worth. I did tend to make work from the inside anyway but now I can actually understand why that was such a good way to be and from now on I want to cultivate and go deeper with that approach.
Stephen Rennicks

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