Sunday, November 22, 2009

Deeper into Nothing

Deeper into Nothing or
The Hidden Reality Within all Things
Once we recognise that past is past, know that now is all we have to work with and trust our future to unfold as it may, we can knowingly and paradoxically go deeper into the seeming nothing of the present moment. Humans perform best under pressure or crisis but many of us live in a relatively predictable, regimented and comfortable fashion and have to contend with many so-called boring or nothing periods of time or experience on a regular basis. In the same way that we can find our own unique pattern hiding in just these repetitive ‘Everyday Actions’, a previous subject of mine, we can use this situation to our aid. Knowing that this moment is all we truly have, whatever it happens to contain, we can by not resisting and going deeper into it, find our answers. Everyone will have a different method to do this but the more tangible work that is emerging for me from this journey can be viewed on this site. Just trust each moment as it comes and explore.
Stephen Rennicks

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